Some signs don't come from a factory.

We see them in the water and the woods and the sky, and they tell us how healthy our earth is. Takeform champions environmental awareness and continually looks for new ways to reduce, reuse or recycle resources. We create products made from responsible materials. For example, our Vivid signage is made from 65% post industrial waste. And at the end of its useful life is 100% recyclable.

Hydro power.

Takeform uses hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls exclusively – a completely renewable resource producing no waste and no greenhouse gases.

Designed to last.

The most earth-friendly strategy, not to mention customer friendly, is to design products that last for many years. Quality materials and timeless designs keeps our signs in use - and out of landfills - longer.

Water-based adhesive.

We use a nonhazardous adhesive which is also formulated to allow flexing and deflection of adhered components due to temperature and humidity fluctuations – without bond failure.

Recyclable packaging.

Our packaging, including corrugated boxes and shredded paper materials, are composed of 30% - 100% post-consumer waste.

Company-wide recycling.

We recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and printer waste. Total recycled volume is up twenty-fold from 2003.