One space. So much inspiration.

Powerful project vignettes featuring eleven complementary product lines. From the sophisticated minimalism of our Lucid signage platform to the dramatic impact of our Amplify wallcoverings, we designed every detail of our MART showroom to inspire and help you improve experience on every project.

NeoCon 2019

We pride ourselves in seeing and doing things differently, and the debut of our showroom was no exception. NeoCon is synonymous with sophistication. But within all that understatement, we like to think of our space as that little jolt of caffeine that energizes you and sparks your creativity.

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Creative collaboration

Surrounded by the industry's leading product and innovative projects, our showroom is an ideal setting to imagine the possibilities and talk about potential. Get in touch to set up a meeting today.

Sharing knowledge.

Go from experiential graphics novice to master. Whether it's AIA and IDCEC accredited CEUs, thought leadership presentations, or product training, we'll help you get there. Our experts share the knowledge you need in a showroom designed for learning.

Extracurricular activities

The showroom is not all about work – it's about entertaining, too. Whether it's at NeoCon 2020, or another upcoming gathering, we look forward to seeing you at one of our parties or cocktail hours. Cheers!

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