Most schools today face fierce competition for students. Your signage is one of the first impressions you'll make with visitors – including prospective students and their parents. It sets a tone for the entire experience. Well planned, student-friendly signage contributes to a favorable first impression.

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We address every sign type.

We cover every sign type, size and function – inside or out. Do the whole job with Takeform.

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Your campus will change. Our ownership services keep up with the pace.

Colleges and universities are environments of constant change. The flexibility built into every Takeform sign enables the university to keep signage current and functional. And with our TakeCare services, we're ready with whatever you need when you need it.

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Takeform helps you make your mark –
or celebrate others'.

Our product lines are designed to serve all of the specialized needs of a complex institution. From celebrating history and achievement to telling a story in a highly visible and graphic way. For instance, capital building projects are often made possible by the gifts of others. We'll help you celebrate these important donations through a variety of recognition products and programs.

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Make your space an experience.

Beyond signage, Takeform's visual communication solutions add impact and interest to campus walls and interior spaces. Graphic panels, custom wall coverings and window films deliver the stories you want to tell.

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University athletic center signage

Tough enough to stand up to students.

Our products are designed to withstand the high traffic wear-and-tear common in academic environments. Cleanable, scratch-proof and impact resistant materials are key in such settings. Have a project you're concerned about? Bring us in the loop – we have some insights you may not have thought of.

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Whisper or roar –
your choice.

Detail. Nuance. Or bold statement. Words not ordinarily associated with architectural signage. But Takeform gives you the option to stay comfortably within the context of your campus or introduce an inspired new element. No matter what you want to say, our designers will help you find your voice.

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Priced for an easy relationship with you.

Public colleges and universities often have to purchase through a bid process. Takeform's GPOs and state contracts with pre-negotiated prices and terms enables these public institutions to purchase a quality and comprehensive sign system without losing control through a low-bid process.

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Farm fresh.

We're from upstate NY. Cows. Corn. And lots of apples. Not easy to get to but nice. Naturally, we want to keep it that way. So we recycle everything. And our power is hydroelectric, a completely renewable resource. Plus, every new product development has a reuse goal. Our materials team searches high and low for raw materials that won't compromise the earth we treasure.

Vivid. A Green Product.

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