Patients. Families. Expectant parents. New staff. People come to your space facing major moments in their lives and those of their loved ones. You're there to receive a diverse public with caring, reassurance and warmth. But the floorplans of many hospitals are complex and often intimidating to visitors. That creates wayfinding challenges at times when people are already anxious and distracted.

We know about hospital function and flow.

We understand the emotional tone hospitals want to set. We create signage that adds to the sense of professionalism, calm, and caring people look for in a healthcare facility. Such as biophillic design – an approach that incorporates nature into what sometimes can be a cold and clinical environment. Biophillic healthcare spaces have been shown to have a positive effect on everyone, from speeding the healing process for patients to reducing stress and improving productivity for staff.

Highland Hospital Project Profile

Women's care center sign

More than ever, we understand the need for a cohesive brand.

Consolidation within healthcare means signage and brand graphics have a bigger job to do in creating a unified identity. Takeform understands how to create brand connection and continuity of patient experience across a hospital system's wide ranging units. Are you looking to express your brand throughout your space?

Consider these 6 things
Healthcare building signs


More than signs.

Takeform's range of product offerings include sanitizer stations, patient room boards, wall organizers and nurse-alert units. All with a matching appearance that creates a cohesive aesthetic throughout your space.

Sanitizer Stations Patient Boards Wall Organizers
Doctor office lobby magazine rack

Your facility will evolve. Our ownership services keep up with the pace.

Hospitals are environments of constant change. The flexibility built into every Takeform sign enables the facility to keep signage current and functional. And with our TakeCare services, you have a helping hand to manage the cost and change associated with your sign system.

TakeCare program
changeable sign insert

Inform and impress.

Exterior signage is not the place to back-off. We'll add a dimension to your identity that booms confidence and delivers the attention that you deserve. We can because we have the designers, brand specialists and project managers to assure that it all comes together for you.

Signify exterior signage

Good wayfinding is
a must-have.

Lower patient satisfaction scores are common in facilities where customers are frequently lost or disoriented. Scheduling problems stemming from missed or late appointments are typical as well. Add to that thousands of hours staff may spend each year directing and escorting visitors — ineffective wayfinding clearly must be addressed. For years, we've delivered cost-effective and pragmatic wayfinding solutions for healthcare settings. And with Takeform, it's never a one-size-fits-all solution. It's yours.

Wayfinding services

Show your gratitude.

We'll help you honor your patrons with a variety of custom donor solutions. From modular room memorials to attention grabbing custom donor walls, we'll make sure the recognition is almost as big as the gift. And if you need a donor design to assist with the capital campaign, call us. We'd love to help.

Recognition Displays


Green space.

We're from upstate NY. Cows. Corn. And lots of apples. Not easy to get to but nice. Naturally, we want to keep it that way. So we recycle everything. And our power is hydroelectric, a completely renewable resource. Plus, every new product development has a reuse goal. Our materials team searches high and low for raw materials that won't compromise the earth we treasure.

Vivid. A Green Product.

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