When it comes to residential facilities for seniors, signage has to work harder than in almost any other type of space. Your facility is serving a population that may have a range of disabilities, from vision impairment to dementia.

Icons and pictures are helpful.

Our signage and graphics incorporate memory assisting imagery that provides comfort and a sense of connection. At Takeform, it's never a one-size-fits-all solution. It's yours. Connected to the space and those who live in it.

Good design helps patients heal
Sign with changable photo
Three friends in a retired living community laugh together on couch

Make their time enjoyable.

Your community is meant to be just that—a community! Which means life, love and laughter. And our graphic panels make the perfect canvas. Whether outfitting with idyllic nature scenes, local landmarks or light-hearted moments, you can take an otherwise sterile space from the mundane to thoroughly enjoyable.

Moxie Graphic Panels

Compliance experts.

We'll handle everything… we'll make sure that you fully conform to federal ADA law as well as local fire and life safety code.

More about ADA
ADA signage with braille

Every color, icon and font is crucial.

Things have to be simple. Bold. With high contrast. But at the same time, you want signage that reflects your commitment to be a caring, supportive place for seniors. You want to make sure that residents' families are reassured that their loved ones are in a warm, safe environment. A well thought-out and implemented signage system reinforces those positive impressions.

Vivid Signage System
Senior living facility sign system


Power from the falls.

We're from upstate NY, near Niagara Falls. Plenty of water here. And that's where we get our power. Using renewable hydroelectric is important, but there is so much more to our earth-friendly story. For example, every new product development initiative has a reuse and recycle goal. Our materials team searches high and low for raw materials that won't compromise the earth we treasure.

Vivid. A green product.

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