Give your space a plus.

When it comes to finishing touches, there's always an accessory to add to the mix. And thanks to Takeform Additions, it never looks like an afterthought. With this collection of highly functional tools for your space, you can complement the look you've already established for your environment.

Every element in your space is vital to the whole.

Each hospital wing represents thousands of daily tasks. With Takeform Additions, the need for efficiency, privacy, comfort, and sanitation converge in a product line that echoes the aesthetics of the space. Sturdy, synergistic patient room signs you can customize for just the right purpose. Sanitizer stations, magazine racks, and notice holders to keep public areas fresh, inviting, and uncluttered.

Calculated designs.

Takeform Additions keeps every space orderly. Configure message boards to work for your specific needs—choose dry erase, tack, or magnet functionality. And spec the finishes to complement your interior design. With Additions, every detail in your space contributes to a positive experience.

Clean lines.

From schools to offices and hospitals, sanitizer dispensers occupy nearly every public space. So, why should they reflect the manufacturer's brand instead of yours? With Takeform Additions, your stations can be configured for any combination of sanitizer, tissues, and masks. And with limitless finish options, visitors and staff always have a fresh impression of your brand.

Keep it in the family.

Every attention to detail adds up to professional polish.

You've put a lot of thought into the interior design of your space, for both the public and employees. Enhance the impression of your space by integrating every detail, including the most oft-used, functional elements into the whole. Choose from not-so-basic basics like customizable wall organizers, literature racks, and workstation nameplates—each purposefully engineered to cut clutter, simplify your space, and echo your interior.

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