Give your space a plus.

When it comes to finishing touches, there's always an accessory to add to the mix. And thanks to Takeform Additions, it never looks like an afterthought. With this collection of highly functional tools for your space, you can complement the look you've already established for your environment.

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Make every element add up.

Your space. Your brand. Every personal touch makes a difference when it comes to the experience people have in your environment. It's not just about the attention they receive. Also important is for visitors and staff to sense a connection to your brand at every turn. With Takeform Additions, every finishing touch and accessory contributes to a positive brand experience.
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Calculated designs.

With Additions, every detail in your space contributes to a positive experience by keeping things orderly and clear in their simplicity. Have your accessories specially configured for the functions you need most, all with limitless finish options to complement your interior design.
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Form + Function

Literature racks. Wall Valets. Message Boards. Just because accessories have a basic purpose doesn't mean they have to look basically off the shelf. Select any finish, printed imagery, or both. Additions products complete your space while working hard. A perfect equation.

Wall Organizers

Clean lines.

From schools to offices and hospitals, sanitizer dispensers occupy nearly every public space. But that doesn't mean they have to detract from your space. With Takeform Additions, your stations can be configured for any combination of sanitizer, tissues, and masks. And with limitless finish options, visitors and staff always have a fresh impression of your brand.

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