PPE Stations: where beautiful meets cleanable.

Whether choosing high-pressure laminate or direct-print graphics, these material options allow your PPE Station to shine within your environment. Take protective measures to a new level and let both those inside and outside of your organization know how important their health is to you.

PPE Stations with printed artwork faces

Moxie (Printed ACM): Custom Graphics or Standard Patterns

Backside of PPE Readiness Station
The PPE Station Backers are built with Takeform's Moxie, a lightweight aluminum composite panel with direct print graphics, protected by a UV, chemical and scratch resistant coating that preserves color and extends life.

Choose from our select graphic collections or provide your own branded artwork. All gets printed on our colorfast and especially durable Moxie material—perfect for cleaning. Moxie panels can take whatever you throw at them. Impact, sharp objects, UV – even most graffiti. There are no natural fibers to harbor bacteria. So don't be afraid to use strong disinfectants because with Moxie you can.

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PPE Stations with laminated finishes

High-pressure Laminate

Choose from our six standard finishes or specify the laminate that complements your space.

Key West, Takeform's light elm laminate finish
Key West
Rocky Mountain, Takeform's medium elm laminate finish
Rocky Mountain
Grand Teton, Takeform's deep elm laminate finish
Grand Teton
Cloud Hatch, Takeform's white woven fabric laminate
Cloud Hatch
Space Hatch, Takeform's black woven fabric laminate
Space Hatch
Mineral Bath, Takeform's simulated brushed metal laminate
Mineral Bath

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