Architectural finishes for a refined aesthetic

From hospitals to schools to offices, sanitizer dispensers occupy nearly every public space. Unfortunately, these units often look like unsightly afterthoughts. Not so with Additions. Specify from limitless finish options, leaving visitors and staff with the protection they need and a fresh impression of your space and your brand.

What you need, where you need it.

For facilities like hospitals where hand sanitizer is only the beginning of your needs, we offer a range of station configurations to fit the functionality you need. Disinfectant. Sanitizer wipes. Gloves. Masks. Tissues. Gowns. All an ADA-compliant 3.9" extending from the wall.

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Sanitizer Station dispenses hand sanitizer, facial tissues, and masks. Available in an laminate finish or with printed graphics of your choice.

Pure freedom to reflect your space.

Attention to visitors and staff makes you special. Attention to detail sets you apart, too. Additions makes it easy to create a family resemblance between this practical accessory, your sign system, and your overall décor.

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Santizer Station for sanitizing wipe canister.

A fitting solution.

Three models – for 3", 4" and 5" containers – dispense disinfectant or sanitizer wipes where needed. Perfect for patient rooms, waiting rooms, break and dining areas, public areas. Everywhere.

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