Protect People. Declutter walls.

In busy organizations, postings and notices can quickly get out of control and compromise not only the effectiveness of your space, but the health of the people that move through it. Takeform Notice Holders bring your message front and center while providing protection from contamination.

Easy-to-use magnetic notice holders declutter your space and protect the document

Say it with ease.

Our Notice Holders are a perfect way to display frequently changing messages. Postings are neatly displayed and easily accessible without sacrificing design sensitivity. Get in touch for more detail.

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Inform and protect.

This ingeniously simple product is designed to minimize contamination of paper postings while it complements your space and your sign system thereby increasing the perceived value of your postings and eliminating unsightly clutter on your walls. They're another example of how we design products to solve problems for you.

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Notices that get noticed.

If notifications and postings are an important part of your communication plan, it's time to treat them like they matter.

Magnetic closure detail on Takeform's Notice Holder

Change 'em out quick!

We understand how quickly things change; which is why we designed our Notice Holder with a magnetic top-edge that enables immediate access. No fuss. No tools. Just you.

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