Ultimate decluttering power.

Reading materials and office paper can get messy—from magazines or brochures stacked on a service counter to printouts piling up on people's desks. With Additions wall organizers, you gain an attractive, sturdy display to keep everything tidy and accessible in spaces like lobbies, waiting rooms, and lounges.


Practical applications.

Any organization can put these units to work thanks to their broad configurations and functionality. Schools can use them for the classroom, library, and offices. Businesses can use them in the lobby, collaboration spaces, and for employee mail/memo drops. Hospitals will find them a plus in waiting areas, nurses stations or wherever clutter needs to be contained. Plus, you can incorporate ADA-compliant raised text, Braille and printed inserts to make the unit's purpose clear.

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At your service.
The Wall Valet.

Introducing one of our newest solutions, designed with personal workspaces in mind. Wall organizer, message board plus shelves and hooks – the Wall Valet combines Additions features into a single compact unit that will keep your people and their offices organized.

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Décor-conscious. Content configured.

Choose from multiple configurations, either horizontal and vertical, so that the volume of material you're organizing suits the wall space available. Depending on content, you can specify your wall organizers with open ends or with decorative end stops.

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