These Vivid workstation configurations are like no other accessory. Wherever they're mounted, our direct print signage solution elevates your brand beyond measure. Remember, we turn-around inserts in just 48 Hours—so any changes to your staff can happen quickly, without fuss.

9.0"w X 3.0"h
Insert Size: 5.65"w X 2.59"h

5.0"w X 7.5"h
Insert Size: 4.59"w X 3.65"h

6.0"w X 3.0"h
Insert Size: 5.59"w X 2.15"h

6.0"w X 6.5"h
Insert Size: 5.59"w X 1.65"h

8.0"w X 3.0"h
Insert Size: 7.15"w X 2.59"h

5.0"w X 5.0"h
Insert Size: 4.15"w X 4.59"h

Color Options

With Vivid Workstations, the face of your workstation is printed to suit your needs; so hop on over to our Design Center to get creative with your options. Or better yet, reach-out for a complementary solution from our team of in-house experiential graphic designers.

Get Creative with Vivid


Pin Mount

Velcro Mount

Cubicle Hanger

Magnet Mount

Desk Stand

Cubicle Hanger Sizes

Based on informed research of typical workstation specifications, we offer seven different sized Cubicle Hangers; from one inch down to one-quarter. If you're unsure of which size you need get in touch with us and ask for a Fit Kit. We'll send it to you by mail as soon as possible for you to try on each size in-person.

CHS .25
0.25" Depth

CHS .5
0.5" Depth

CHS .37
0.375" Depth

CHS .62
0.625" Depth

CHS .75
0.75" Depth

CHS .87
0.875" Depth

CHS 1.0
1" Depth

Desk Stand Finishes

01 Natural
01 Natural
02 Brass
02 Brass
03 Black
03 Black
04 Bronze
04 Bronze
05 Polished
05 Polished