Divide and Unite.

Keep everyone safely separated while coming back together.
Adjoin brings cleanable protection and customizable style to virtually any modular workstation system, bench-style desking, or floor space – effortlessly.

Smooth. Cleanable. Surfaces.

Go ahead. Slather them up and wipe them down. Adjoin is guaranteed to stand up to these commercial and household cleaning products:

• Bleach-based cleaners
• Alcohol-based cleaners
• Virex® Tb
• Oxivir®
• Hydrogen peroxide cleaners
• Purell® sanitizer wipes
• Lysol®
• Fantastik®
• Formula 409®
• Windex®

Adjoin protects your budget and schedule.

Save time and installation costs. Anyone can install Adjoin – it's nearly effortless. Slide adapters on to the panels. Slide the assembled partition on to your workstation. Done.

More on Workstation Partitions

Young woman installs workstation partition with two hands.

Adjoin measures up:
standards and codes.

International Building Code Fire Test Requirements
Adjoin uses materials that exceed all applicable fire test requirements listed in Section 2606 - Light Transmitting Plastics, Sub-Section 2606.4 of the International Building Code.

BIFMA Stability Tests
Adjoin passes ANSI/BIFMA X5.6-2016 Panel Systems, Section 5, stability tests for panel systems products.

Oomph brings peace back to the office.

Create more inviting spaces – comfortable protection, noise reduction, and reduced distraction will all help ease the back-to-office transition. With Oomph Acoustic Workstation Panel Stackers, you can do it all in a beautiful and careful way.

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Cartoon drawing of office mates finding peace in a busy workplace

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