Adjoin offers a complete range of protective partition shapes and sizes to fit the specifics of your space, perfectly. Browse our collections below to start thinking about how Adjoin can outfit your space for ultimate protection.

Workstation Heights

Four standard stacker heights add desired level of protection/privacy to workstations (11”, 15”, 18”, 23.5”). All are manufactured to the width of your furniture. Exact width can be specified from 16 to 95 inches wide.





Workstation Mounting

Adapter-mounted desktop partition rendering
Adapter-mounted Desktop
Freestanding desktop partition rendering
Freestanding Desktop
Adapter-mounted desktop workstation stacker rendering
Panel Stacker


2-way Corner Connector

2-way Corner Connector, Slim

2-way Inline Connector

2-way Inline Connector, Slim

3-way Connector

3-way Connector, Slim

4-way Connector

4-way Connector, Slim

Desktop Adapter Clamp

Desktop Adapter Rest

Small Freestanding Desktop Adapter

Large Freestanding Desktop Adapter

Stacking Adapter