Protect everyone at the table.

Configurable, durable, stable. Shielding that fits everywhere.

Being in the room matters.

Technology connects us – to a degree – but there's no replacement for in-person interaction. Intuitively, we all know real-time, face-to-face collaboration is the best way to relate and get things done.

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Two coworkers smile under face masks and elbow bump as they walk past eachother

Ordering Adjoin Tabletop Screens

We're here to help

Overhead view of rectangular reclaimed-wood conference room table surrounded by ten modern white chairs

The ordering process is simple:

Provide your table dimensions (W x L) and the desired number of seating positions. (For oval- or irregular-shaped tables, a few additional measurements will be needed.)

When specifying the number of people you want at your table, consider the size of the room. For smaller spaces, refer to CDC guidance for safe occupancy rates.

Secure, durable connections

Panels and connectors simply slide together and stay together. No tools. No fasteners. No Install crew. And they're just as easy to put away – just remove the center connector and set aside with the panels.

Watch the assembly video
Group of young men sitting in modern office with Adjoin tabletop screens

The better way to protect.

1. Optimal fit for every table
2. Fastener-free stability
3. Durable connections
4. Smooth, safe edges
5. Enduring construction for long-term use
6. Cleanable surfaces
7. Tool-free assembly
8. Engineered to protect furniture

4-person Adjoin Tabletop Screen
Young business woman with glasses looking toward you with purpose

Ready when you are.

We know you have a lot to do to get your teams back together. So if you need your screens fast, we can arrange a quick ship order. Get started easily by filling out the form below. Simply include "3-Sided Screens" in the "Notes" section.

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