Tell a bigger story.

With Amplify wallcoverings and window films from Takeform, any surface can integrate elegantly with your organization's big story – and make that story even bigger.


SA-101 Thrifty


Smooth, light and cost effective, self-adhesive Thrifty may be removed without wall damage, so it's great for temporary wall graphics – or leave it up for the long term.

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The subtle texture and elegant sheen of Soul enlivens any piece of artwork or informational detail. Removable, repositionable, and self-adhesive, it makes installation and updates quick and simple. From entire walls to delicately detailed shapes, all are within its repertoire.

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SA-301 Structure


This ultimate heavyweight, self-adhesive material is as tough as it is polished. Its 17-mil canvas texture covering cloaks minor wall imperfections and gives your space a new sense of heft.

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PU-101 Criss Cross


Durable and subtly textured, its modest hatch marks provide a unique alternative to our other paste-up options. CrissCross absorbs color richly and is quick to reflect just the right glint of light.

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Our most eco-friendly of all, Pebble has a minimum of 31% post-consumer recycled content and is itself recyclable. It's leather-like, matte texture is also PVC free, phthalate-free, with no plasticizers, chlorine, heavy metals nor formaldehyde.

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