Tell a bigger story.

With Amplify wallcoverings and window films from Takeform, any surface can integrate elegantly with your organization's big story – and make that story even bigger.


PU-102 Mystical


Durable and subtly textured, its fibrous, brush-like markings provide a unique alternative to our other paste-up options. It's fine, swirl pattern provides a subtle enough texture to offer depth of interest without interfering with the details of your artwork.

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Our most eco-friendly of all, Pebble has a minimum of 31% post-consumer recycled content and is itself recyclable. It's leather-like, matte texture is also PVC free, phthalate-free, with no plasticizers, chlorine, heavy metals nor formaldehyde.

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SA-301 Structure


It's canvas-like texture enlivens any piece of artwork or informational detail; as a self-adhesive wallcovering, structure makes installation quick and simple. This option is perfect for long-lived artwork. From entire walls to delicately detailed shapes, all are within its repertoire.

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SA-105 Traffic


This ultimate heavyweight, self-adhesive vinyl material for smooth or textured walls is as tough as it is polished. Its moisture-resistant protective coating holds up to all high-traffic areas and is perfect for walls that need that little extra “armor." Its elegant sheen and durability raise the bar for interior environmental wall graphics, but it's applicable for exterior use too.

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images of Defy anti-graffiti and dry-erase wallcovering being cleaned of spray paint graffiti and dry-erase marker


Add custom graphics and protect your walls with one resilient product. Defy delivers pristine graphics while standing up to spray paint, permanent and dry erase markers as well as the harsh cleaning agents that make them go away.

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There is an optimal wallcovering material for every space. Find the right choice for your specific application with our easy-to-use selection matrix.