Express gratitude with magnitude.

The people who help shape an organization deserve a place of honor in it, whether they're donors, staff, or other exemplary contributors. Applaud—exclusively from Takeform—offers the striking elegance of a custom recognition centerpiece. Yet it's simple, flexible, and budget conscious.

Limitless ways to acknowledge contributions.

No organization is static. Every year, new members make major gifts. New staff earn recognition for achievements. Applaud is flexible enough to make it easy to rearrange or update its content. And its simple, ingenious design makes it easy to expand, even relocate, trouble-free.

Applaud Components

Off-the-charts wow. On-point branding.

Applaud features sturdy materials from a rich, abundant palette of textures, colors, and typography. Which means organizations can enjoy a high-level aesthetic result that's tailored to their personality.

Our Creative Process

More than polite clapping. A standing ovation.

How can we support your capital campaign?

Whether you're at the beginning of the project or simply promoting sustained giving, Takeform can help you identify key considerations in the process. We'll suggest opportunities that improve decision making and offer the expertise you need to focus on the benefactors that support you – because they're what matter most.

Recognition Consultation

A fitting (yet cost-effective) tribute.

While it's important to acknowledge the importance of people to the organization, sometimes the cost of building a monument to them can be out of reach. At the same time, basic name plates on a wall can fall short. Applaud is a welcome middle ground that offers uncompromising quality that can be designed to fit your budget. And when it's time to update the display, that's a budget-friendly proposition, too.

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The power of family.

Applaud can even be designed with almost any architectural finish for the ultimate custom look—from glass to 3Form to solid surfaces. It also offers the advantages of its sister products' finest features, too. The variety of design language found in Fusion. The stopping power of Vivid. The drama of Moxie and the scale of Amplify.

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