Infinite ways to arrange your display.

The marvel of Applaud is that something so simple can lead to so many different results. Polished buttons. Sleek rods. Even invisible attachments. All against a backer panel designed to flatter every plaque – every name – with elegant precision and a branded feel.

Twist. Slide. Click.
3 simple plaque-mounting options.

Whichever way you choose to mount your plaques to the backer — by button, rod, or magnet — each option is based on a grid that supports perfect alignment while allowing flexibility and opportunity for expansion.
Which is right for you?


Remove, replace and update plaques with a simple turn of the decorative metal accent. With a clean satin finish, button mounting provides a sophisticated look through this understated detail.


Plaques span across rods and fasten with hardware, making their vertical position adjustable. Rod mounting adds a level of depth and intricacy to Applaud displays.


Plaques attach to the front of the backer, affixed by subsurface magnets for a hardware-free look. Consider magnet mounting for a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

A fitting recognition.

Applaud plaques are available in a variety of standard sizes for a suitable range of recognition levels. They can be arranged in limitless configurations. The grid-based system is designed to span across backers for a seamless display. Plaques, like the backers, can be fabricated from almost any architectural finish including laminate, solid surface, 3Form, acrylic, glass and more.

Download Standard Plaque Matrix

Ultimate Dimensionality.

Configure Applaud to fit your space and your objectives. Backers are available in a wide range of standard sizes, but can also be adapted to other sizes within the mounting grid increments and material size limitations. Backers can be specified from almost any opaque architectural finish or even created from our printed Moxie graphic panels.

Download Standard Backer Sizes

Show the depth of your appreciation.

Bold imagery or subtle pattern, the addition of Amplify wall graphics with your display enhances the experience and creates a deeper integration with your space.

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