A brilliant palette. A capable partner.

Mark milestones. Commemorate achievements. Showcase honorees. And adapt as new chapters unfold. Team Takeform designed Applaud to be captivating for every audience. But we're here to make the process applause-worthy, too. Which is why Applaud is engineered it to be a pleasure to customize and order. Here's how we work with you to help you realize the full potential of this remarkable system.

A smooth design process.

Our team is prepared to work closely with you from the earliest consultation through design, construction, installation, and updates. So you always have a partner familiar with the project. We take full ownership of every project—as a committed extension of your own team.

Your Partner


As always, we begin with a conversation so we're clear on your needs and your brand.


Our designers will promptly develop a realistic digital rendering you can share with your team—or even would-be donors or honorees, to help you make fundraising efforts more appealing.


Once approved, we begin the manufacturing process to your precise specifications. Things come together quickly—far more quickly than a fully custom approach.


We'll deliver and install the recognition system to ensure it meets your expectations.


When the time comes to update your content, ordering is simple and delivery is fast.

How We Think