Make sure every patient has your full attention.

Positioned outside the patient room door, Attend patient room signs alert the clinician to conditions such as medication safety, infection risks, fluid restrictions and other critical care information.

Materials matter.

In addition to three Attend models, you can combine and customize. Add a note pad. A dry-erase or tackboard. You can even integrate ADA compliant signage with raised text, Braille and printed insert. Plus, Attend enables you to create an aesthetic connection with the interior space via a range of laminates and veneers. Materials matter. They always will.

Attend Materials

Narrow width allows use in more places.

Most competitive units have side pull-out tabs that often preclude their use where doors are close together. Attend is only 8 ½" wide - plus there are no pull-out tabs - so you can use it in tight spots.

Which Attend works for you?

All Attend Configurations

Attend with sliders

Sliders reveal patient information printed on
changeable paper inserts.

Attend with dry-erase

Dry-erase lens over a custom printed insert.
Simply mark the pre-printed boxes that apply.

Attend with notepad

Standard 5" x 8" tablet

Easy to update.

Attend is completely updateable, and you can do it yourself. Attend is designed around printed inserts. So when your needs change, so can you.

Attend Inserts

Attend resources & downloads