The new Fusion. Infinitely you.

Harmony. Our ears hear it. Our eyes sense it. With Fusion, every element works in concert to capture the vibe of your space – including the new printed backers offering immeasurable combinations.

Natural Techy Fusion Solution for Corporate Client

Fittingly framed.

Now including product families with extended size backers; increasing the visual impact of patterns, colors, or imagery that best reflect your environment.

Create a family in our Design Center

Fusion + architecture.

Within our six signage collections, Arch, Ellipse, Quad, Wave, Camber and Oblique, you'll find unique ways to beautifully complement your interior's predominant lines. Discover unique forms with depth and dimension that won't disrupt a visual stroll through your space. Straight, sweeping, angled or arched, Fusion will go with the flow.

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Corporate Room ID

Fusion + patterns.

Fresh. Cool. Exciting. Soothing. With expanding library of patterns to choose from, there are more ways than ever for Fusion to compliment your space.

Senior living room ID sign

Fusion + materials.

Sometimes you want a sign to be a subtle echo. Other times, you want it to pop. With Fusion, you choose. Mix and match materials to stay comfortably within the context of the space - or punctuate it with something unexpected. You like choices in your design materials. We think you should expect no less from your signage.

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Fusion + Brand.

We think your identity should shine through in everything your visitors see. Every finish, every image, typeface and message. So that people recognize a brand they know and love at every turn. And no detail is too small. Even a minor interior element says something about you. Through its choice of shapes, materials, and graphics, Fusion enables your brand to shine through.

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University classroom sign

Signage that looks as smart as it works.

Interior signage must do more than one job well. It has to function as a guidance system. And it has to serve as an amplifier of your attitude. Fusion is a complete, updatable interior signage system that does it all. It connects the people who experience your space to an experience with your brand, too.

A perfect backdrop every time.

For an added finishing touch, have your Fusion backers printed to further highlight the attitude of your environment. Choose the color, pattern, or imagery that matches your style.

Children's Healthcare Signs, Bubbles, Balloons, Paint

Easy updates.

Change is constant. What's important is how you handle it. With Fusion's printed inserts, it's easy. Our 8 1/2-inch wide format accepts standard letter-sized paper or clear acetate inserts. We'll even provide an insert template, so all you have to do is key in the new information and print.

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Notices that get noticed.

If notifications and postings are an important part of your communication plan, it's time to treat them like they matter. Our Notice Holders are an effective way to display postings while preserving the aesthetic integrity of your space. Designed to complement your sign system, this ingeniously simple product increases the perceived value of your postings and eliminates unsightly clutter on your walls.

Fusion + the new Design Center

Design with the new Fusion features and the all user-friendly features in the new Design Center. Printed backers, new sign families, all new finishes and patterns... it's all there. Get started.

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