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Multiple ADA compliant Empath interior signs aligned flat and at an angle.

Behavioral health signage: safety AND aesthetics

Award-winning Empath creates attractive, calming signage that meets strict behavioral health safety requirements. Designed for flexibility that adapts to your needs – no compromises required.

Safety from the start

A complete signage family engineered for patient, staff, and visitor safety, first. Think ligature-resistant low profile, shatter-proof polycarbonate construction with flush surfaces and soft-touch edges. And Empath is flexible, adapting to suit the situation – specify installation methods and communication features right for the risk level.

A motion photo of a claw hammer striking the face of an Empath unbreakable polycarbonate sign.
A family of ADA compliant room ID signs custom printed with a calming colorful river rock photo.

Beauty supports healing

Don't take our word for it. Research points to the power of intentionally-designed environments to reduce symptoms, aid healing, and improve behavioral health outcomes. A frame-free, flush surface reduces visual complexity. Custom calming imagery and stress-reducing graphics.

A branded ADA compliant Empath restroom sign installed on a wall outside a restroom.

Putting it all together

Smart, thoughtful touches like secure installation with fewer fasteners helps reduce the harsh, institutional vibe. Empath integrates imagery on the second surface of the sign face to create tamper-proof graphics.

Empath documents and downloads

Explore product brochures and specs. Check installation guides and care instructions. Find code and compliance resources. And more.

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