Lucid. Precisely.

When chaos reigns, a counterbalance is in order. One way to respond: simple, luminous interior design. We conceived Lucid as the ideal complement to such a design. A product as subtle as it is refined.

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Impeccably finished.

In keeping with a minimal aesthetic, Lucid hardware features a flawless matte luster to echo the trim often paired with glass interiors.


From soaring windows to expansive walls, many spaces today achieve openness and simplicity through glass. Lucid echoes the crisp look of these surfaces with minimal backing hardware and glass-mounting configurations.

Subtly translucent.

With Lucid, your space can capture the understated elegance of light and shadow through printed text and graphics on the clear tiles offset from the wall—drop shadows literally brought to life.

Perfectly practical.

Lucid elements are remarkably simple to update. Tiles can be reprinted. Clear inserts can be replaced for room signs. And with so many configurations, your system will be as unique to your space as it is useful to staff and visitors.

Utterly legible.

Lucid signage is ADA compliant, with non-glare surfaces, clear Braille, and dimensional appliqué letters. Plus, you can ensure ultimate readability when planning your Lucid system by choosing type that contrasts with your walls—dark vs. light.

Visually thoughtful.

Lucid features a fresh, unique library of pictograms for use on places like restrooms and stairwells. Made of clear acrylic and finished in matte metallic to precisely match Lucid's hardware elements, these subtle, dimensional symbols are applied directly to the wall surface.

Cleanly secured.

Lucid's concealed mounting hardware eliminates visible fasteners, so all you'll see are clean lines. The only visible hardware are strategically placed set screws that reflect the precise fit of each piece.

Brilliantly versatile.

While Lucid offers an ideal complement to minimal spaces, we've engineered it for maximum flexibility to meet your needs. Configure its tiles, rails and channels vertically or horizontally, mix tile and rail sizes within your system for different effects, such as extending the tiles beyond their frames. Plus, Lucid offers brackets to fit virtually every workstation system.

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