Make your space an experience.

If all your walls do is hold up the ceiling (not that we're against that), you're missing an opportunity to delight, direct, inform and surprise. Introducing Moxie. Moxie is a large format graphic panel system that puts your walls to really good use.

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Elevator wall graphic panels

Go big with Moxie.

Ready to create a mood, tell your story or point the way? Moxie gives you an epic canvas with which to do it.

Inspirational wall graphics

Amp your space.

From hospital hallways or corporate conference rooms, Moxie can take on big spaces and bring them to life. It's an invigorating way to move visitors – by heart and by foot.

Wall graphic with typography

Make your walls talk.

Take the mute button off your space. Moxie gives you the freedom to raise or lower your voice as your message – and interior demand. Use to reinforce your brand. Create visual landmarks or themes. Display art. Each piece is a direct print on a lightweight aluminum composite panel. Think of it as a way to extend your aesthetic palette. And if you're already putting our Vivid signage system to work, Moxie is a perfect way to extend it.

Vivid Sign System

Scale up. Way up.

Grab people's attention long-distance by tiling Moxie panels like a big screen. Moxie's large-format graphic panel system offers 10 standard sizes. Custom sizes and shapes are available too.

Sizes and Mounting
Elevator wall panel with nature scene

Bring the outside in.

In healthcare, studies have connected views of nature with reduced stress and improved patient outcomes. Moxie can plant a garden anywhere and adorn it with equally inspiring words.

Make every wall a landmark.

With Moxie's large format and bold colors, you can create memorable imagery all along the path of your visitors. So they can easily find their way – and enjoy the view.

Wayfinding Services
Parking garage floor identification wall panel

How do you #takeform

We couldn't even begin to tell you about all the ways designers are using Moxie… check out our Gallery and see for yourself.

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