Quiet spaces. Amped environments.

Oomph Sound-Absorbing Design Elements provide noise mitigation, reduce unwanted visual distraction, and provide a comfortable level of protection – all with aesthetics that creatively enhance your space.

Oopmh acoustic panels mounted in offices, lecture halls, desk areas and libraries
A variety of Oomph partitions showing color and pattern options

Acoustic panels for the visually minded.

Warm felt textures and 24 colorways provide a rich canvas to express the unique style of your space through creative application of printed patterns or dimensional forms.

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Posh Patterns.

Contemporary to retro. Geometric to natural. Whimsical to sophisticated. Oomph offers a collection of designer print patterns and a carefully curated color palette that enables you to create the ideal look for your project from among thousands of possible combinations.

Printed Patterns

Office deskspace with gray oomph acoustic panels mounted as stackers

Create personal spaces in open places.

We've all developed a greater appreciation of personal space. Focus. Quiet. Security. Oomph stackers and desktop partitions help provide beautifully welcoming refuge in the midst of open floorplan work spaces. And Oomph installs in seconds with tool-free assembly.

Stacker Configurations

Workstation Stacker Specs

Oomph wherever you need it.

There's no limit to where you can add some Oomph to your space. With Freestanding partitions, you can add the practical and aesthetic benefits of Oomph anywhere – workstations, lounge areas, offices. If there's a floor to stand on, Oomph is there. And with tool-free installation, adding partitioning to your space could not be easier.

Freestanding Configurations

Freestanding Specs
Contemporary loft studio office with acoustic freestanding partition and wall panels with designer direct-print patterns

Immerse them in quiet creativity.

We see every wall as creative potential. Bring the acoustic benefits of Oomph to your space while adding the creative expression of print or push-thru patterns to the environment.

Standard Panel Size

Wall Panel Specs

The Oomph Pattern Visualizer.

So many possibilities. So easy. So fun.
Explore over 12,000 material/pattern/color combinations effortlessly with this engaging design tool. See your selections appear in the context of an architectural space with just a few clicks. Start clicking– you're sure to find inspiring new combinations that inspire you.

Oomph Pattern Visualizer

Open laptop on desktop with browser open to the Takeform Pattern Visualizer
Vacuum cleans surface of light blue Oomph Acoustic Panel printed with birds on a wire.

Exertion-free cleaning.

Don't let Oomph's rich texture fool you. The surface is designed for easy cleaning and sanitizing. Vacuum. Spray cleaners. Disinfectants. Oomph has a highly cleanable surface that will look fresh for years.

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