Acopustic freestanding partition and acoustic wall panels with Push-Thru decoprative dimensional pattern

Shadow and highlight play across the surface as precisely cut forms emerge from the panel surface to add subtle, yet dramatic, dimensional patterning to the Oomph panel.

Nature Calls Collection

Organic shapes add a biophilic dimension to any interior environment.

Nature 1: C101

Nature 2: C102

Nature 3: C103

Nature 4: C104

Nature 5: C105

Nature 6: C106

Nature 7: C107

Nature 8: C108

Bent Outa Shape Collection

Clean geometric shapes create contemporary dimensional forms that bring modern energy to your space.

Bent 1: C201
Ben 2
Bent 2: C202
Bent 3
Bent 3: C203

Bent 4: C204

Bent 5: C205

Bent 6: C206

Bent 7: C207

Bent 8: C208

Oomph Pattern Visualizer

Get dimensional with the visualizer.

Try your favorite Push-Thru patterns on any material color.

Oomph Pattern Visualizer