Clean hands; pure style.

Today, wherever people congregate - schools, hotels, offices, libraries - you'll find sanitizer stations. Unfortunately, these units often look like an afterthought. Not so with Purify.

Ready when and where you are.

Purify offers numerous configurations to match the functionality you need. Sanitizer, gloves, masks, tissues and gowns in combinations to suit you; and they're all ADA compliant. Extending only 3.9" from wall – Purify stays within the 4" ADA regulation.

Purify configurations

Thoughtful aesthetics. Complementary design.

Purify doesn't limit you to a few factory selections. Its laminate face lets you match anything in your interior. Purify belongs in your space... and it will look it. And Purify products, along with all Takeform signage and accessories, have an unmistakable family resemblance. So they connect with each other as well as they do with the space in which they are used.

Material options

The right sanitizer container for the job.

Three models – for 3", 4" and 5" containers – dispense disinfectant or sanitizer wipes where needed. Perfect for patient rooms, waiting rooms, break and dining areas, public areas. Everywhere.

Purify resources & downloads