Bold. Rugged. True to your brand. All in favor, Signify.

An architectural announcement, exterior signage must be bold, instructive and true to form. Like all Takeform sign systems, Signify expands your ability to deliver detail with elegant yet durable surface materials. Surprising shapes. Dimensional typography. Everything needed to convey brand, defy clutter and, of course, beautify.

Give visitors an immediate sense of place.

Integrate signage with key elements of your architecture. Choose shapes that reflect your building's predominant lines and select from a rich palette of finishes, colors and typography that create a cohesive feel, inside and out.

Three of a kind.

Signify for exterior. Fusion and Stance for interior. They're a family. So you can turn any architectural signage project inside out — with a visual consistency that feels just right.

Materials that take signage to a whole new place.

Woods, stones, metals, textures and design sensitive colors… striking finishes that you don't expect to see in exterior signage. They're tough too. Impact resistant, colorfast – our RCM even enables most graffiti to remove easily.

Striking and sturdy.

Sometimes people notice what they don't see. Signify brings high-caliber build to your signage, so its impeccable appearance endures over time. Impact-resistant and color-fast for a decade, products feature all-aluminum construction, so there's no steel to corrode. And thicker aluminum faces plus stiffener bars prevent “oil canning." Concealed panel fasteners are out of sight but not out of reach. And breakaway posts enable reuse of the foundation if signs are damaged by vehicles.

Installation Options

Use your outside voice.

Exterior signage is not the place to be timid. There's too much competition. You must demand attention. But have the design choices to invite rather than scream. To be consistent with your architecture, and with your public persona. Signify lets you conform — as loud as you want.

Keep it current.

Change is inevitable. How will your signs deal with it? Signify can be updated at any time thanks to easily removable panels.

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