Bold. Rugged. True to your brand. All in favor, Signify.

An architectural announcement, exterior signage must be bold, instructive and true to form. Like all Takeform sign systems, Signify expands your ability to deliver detail with elegant yet durable surface materials. Surprising shapes. Dimensional typography. Everything needed to convey brand, defy clutter and, of course, beautify.

Developing a standard.

Throughout its 128 year history, Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY has grown to meet its community needs. However, continuous expansion, additions and renovations result in a complex facility that risks being far from patient friendly. Learn more about our partnership and how our wayfinders leveraged Fusion and Signify helped connect the dots.

Highland Hospital

Exterior Sign at Hospital in residential area
Mom and daughter in car pull into Children's Hospital

Paths designed to help patients find their smiles.

In Oklahoma City, we helped The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital bring an entirely new level of wayfinding navigation. One which includes friendly characters that pave the way for their young audience.

The Children's Center

Use your outside voice.

Exterior signage is not the place to be timid. There's too much competition. You must demand attention. But have the design choices to invite rather than scream. To be consistent with your architecture, and with your public persona. Signify lets you conform — as loud as you want.

Keep it current.

Change is inevitable. How will your signs deal with it? Signify can be updated at any time thanks to easily removable panels.

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