Connect the dots before they even arrive.

A guest pulls into your parking garage. Heads for the lobby. Checks the directory. After a stop at the restroom, they're on their way. People's experience when they visit your space is shaped in part by the ease of navigation. Wayfinding – a set of planning and design services that help visitors understand your space and find their way – creates an emotional connection with your guests. Confidence. Comfort. Welcoming. At Takeform, we design wayfinding systems to help people connect to your environment. So they feel at home in your world. And in your brand.

Start with good questions.

Our wayfinding collaboration starts with research. We examine the types of visitors you receive and the people-flow from every angle. Parking facilities, street entrances, reception areas and elevators. We study your print materials, web maps and directions for consistency and accuracy. We analyze how your staff provides directions so we can build employee training into your project. From this research emerges an elegantly orchestrated network of architectural cues, signage, and graphics that compose an effective wayfinding system.

Complimentary wayfinding consultation.

Consult with one of our wayfinding experts and we'll share valuable insight that will enhance the way people experience your space.

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Top 5 wayfinding mistakes in healthcare.


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Don't forget about the breadcrumb followers.


An overall experience.

We view wayfinding within the entirety of the visitor experience. We understand how quickly impressions are formed – and how those impressions create perceptions of all that is to follow. And while we make signage, we know that intuitive wayfinding uses a much bigger tool box than just signs. We look at all communication modalities from landmarks, pre-visit materials, digital platforms and verbal direction giving.

One partner who plans, designs, builds, and looks out for you long-term.

There are significant advantages to working with Takeform, a single company capable of design, wayfinding and manufacturing. First, we're accountable for the entire project, and we own that responsibility from the word “go." Our design-build approach costs less than when sign design and fabrication are disconnected. And your project goes faster and smoother too. Plus you're assured of having the ownership support so vital with signage and graphics.

Wayfinding saves money.

Case in point: research has shown that a 400-bed hospital will lose more than 4000 hours per year of work time redirecting patients and visitors to their destinations. Add to that the time lost by employees themselves in finding their way — particularly when new on the job.

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