For your other front door.

Wherever you travel, you look for signs that let you know you've come to the right place. Someplace welcoming. Hospitable. Your parking garage is your front door for thousands of visitors each year. Transit is designed to make every arrival and departure comfortable and navigable.

Transit parking garage signage

Connect visitors to your brand, right from Level 1.

Transit adds brightness and clarity to your parking garage and comes in 24 traffic-stopping looks designed to keep cars and pedestrians moving smoothly. Choose from predesigned sign families – each with distinctive visual cues that eliminate those "where did I park" worries.

Overhead parking garage sign

Striking enough to stop traffic.

Arriving guests deserve a clear, vibrant welcome around every corner. Transit helps your brand shine in a space that's typically cold and dark. Because – from the time they arrive to the moment they leave – your guests deserve no less.

Graphic collections
Parking garage graphic collections from Takeform
Color coded parking garage floor identification signs

Effective enough to keep it moving.

Created specifically for the parking garage environment, Transit is a complete sign system that's as attractive as it is rugged — ideal for the twists and turns of a high-traffic facility. Designed with bold color palettes that correspond to the levels of your garage, Transit provides every sign type required, including bang bars, overheads, flags, and wall mounts.

Sign Types & Mounting Options
Quality parking garage sign

Reliably flat, rigid sign face.

Transit is unaffected by fluctuations in temperature and humidity. It's manufactured from aluminum composite material (ACM) with a ¼" thickness.

Aluminum parking garage overhead sign

Extruded frame.

Keeps signage hanging straight and strong with a custom extrusion of clear anodized aluminum alloy 6005A that assures no sign deflection or sagging over widths up to 96".

Break-away posts for parking garage signage from Takeform

Resilient break-away posts.

Signs rotate up and out of the way if contacted by an oncoming vehicle, returning cleanly to vertical position.

Paths made to follow.

In Oklahoma City, we helped The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital bring an entirely new level of navigation. Including the journey from the outside in. Check out the whole story in our blog.

The Children's Center

Pink sign beside elevator in blue parking garage that reads "1"

Long-lasting direct-print process.

We print directly to ACM, adding a UV resistant coating assuring that colors stay vibrant.

parking garage sign with protective overlay
Overhead parking and exit sign

Structural integrity.

All hardware and support mechanisms have a minimum 4:1 safety factor with respect to load and pull-out strength.

Rust-resistant mounting hardware.

Constructed of non-corroding aluminum and stainless steel.

Protective end caps.

Aluminum frames are equipped with end caps to prevent intrusion of water and debris.

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