Vivid. Image-intense signage.

Finishes. Furniture. Lighting. Art. You've planned every aspect of your space to say something about who you are. When visitors enter your facility – no matter why they've come – every element of your world should lead them to your brand. Clearly. Brightly. Warmly. With Vivid signage, the experience is complete.

Vivid is the signage platform that provides a complete collection of sign types including directories and room identification signs.
Vivid image-based signage design for an urban college inspired by the interior design and the brand behind the space.

It all points toward the most important image. Yours.

The award-winning Vivid system does more than direct traffic. It tells a story. Your story. Vivid draws people through your space. It's the finishing touch that instills confidence in your guests — and inspiration in your staff. Better yet, with its earth-friendly materials, Vivid is as conscientious as you are.

Are you telling a story?The story of MCC.

Fusion sign design with a vivid-style backer featuring one of Takeform's exclusive Jhane Barnes pattern in shades of gray
Jhane Barnes patterns

The Jhane Barnes Collection

Takeform is thrilled to partner with designer Jhane Barnes, whose work has touched everything from fashion to furniture, ties to textiles.

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Vivid signage plaform utilizes materuials that are 65% Post Industrial Waste and 100% Recylable

We have only one world. Vivid helps take care of it.

Our team spent more than a year making Vivid green. After all, what's a year compared to centuries buried in a landfill? Through exhaustive research and testing, we formulated a collection of materials for Vivid that reuses old resources and is gentle on the environment.

More about Vivid, a sustainable product

Easy-to-use magnetic Notice Holders declutter your walls while complementing your Vivid sign system and giving posting prominence and protection.

Declutter your walls.

If your organization has a lot to say, postings and notices can quickly get out of control and compromise the effectiveness of your space. Designed to complement your sign system, Takeform Notice Holders are a perfect way to display frequently changing messages. Postings are neatly displayed and easily accessible without sacrificing design sensitivity. Get in touch for more detail.

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