We have only one world. Vivid helps take care of it.

When we developed the Vivid line, it was essential that we keep it out of landfills. By choosing the right materials, we've managed to make Vivid 100% recyclable. Even the adhesive qualifies under Recycling Code 7. Something no other interior sign maker can claim.

Our materials team stepped up.

A 15-month search-and-test effort led us to a left-over waste product from a major plastics manufacturer. The material had the engineering and aesthetic characteristics we were looking for. In the end, we developed a product line comprised of 65% post-industrial waste.

We set out to use as much recycled material as possible.

It wasn't easy. The challenge was in finding an acrylic product with dimensional stability, opacity, aesthetic consistency and quality from batch to batch. Equally challenging was material availability in the sheet sizes and quantities needed.