Your space. Your brand. More decibels.

From more effective wayfinding to magnified brand identity, Amplify takes your space to an entirely new order of magnitude. One that will create an unforgettable impression of who you are. Because Amplify helps you build a world where your brand lives and breathes – in a big way.

Museum Wallcovering

Make some noise.

Truth is, your brand is more than a logo. More than a collection of graphics, images, or colors. It's an immersive experience you create for people. It welcomes them. Directs them. Entertains them. They remember it. Amplify makes sure your brand stands out.

Larger-than-life canvas.

An effect like no other, large-scale graphics are captivating – they surround you with a visual experience and alter your perception forever. With Amplify wallcoverings and window films, any surface in your space can do the same.

Window Film & Wallcovering Office

Show-stopping power.

Brilliant imagery that complements your décor. Bold messaging that's an inspiring focal point for your brand. Subtle, evocative texture or color that conjure the right emotions in your audience.

Make some noise.

Both visual centerpiece and supporting role.

Amplify works equally well as a focal point for your space or as a reinforcement to your entire sign system. In fact, it can do both. Because, at Takeform, we believe signage and graphic identity are all part of an integrated system that makes your entire facility work harder for you. A bigger picture. A seamless visual layer between your guests and your space.

How we think

Impeccable construction.

Amplify features carefully selected substrates designed for simple installation, durability and image vibrancy. Our printing process yields an image comprised of color droplets so microscopic, traditional measures of resolution are moot.

As green as it is big.

Our featured paste-up wallcovering Pebble, has a minimum of 31% post-consumer recycled content and is itself recyclable. This gorgeous finish is also PVC-free, phthalate-free, and contains zero plasticizers, chlorine, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. Feel better?

What green means to us

Make your unique message sing – loud and clear.

A wide selection of material options means endless possibilities for you. Whether Amplify is creating a key visual or a subtle backdrop, it simply can't go unnoticed. And Takeform approaches every project with a sense of uniqueness. Each assignment is treated with the same level of custom craftsmanship that delivers a final product that is distinctly you.

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