Illuminate your space – and your identity.

With Amplify window films, every piece of plate glass in your space has the potential to be a rich, light-filled canvas. Yours to use. To create a mood. Reinforce your brand, or just to look nice. Create privacy without blocking out light. Legendary stained-glass cathedrals and modern art installations have nothing on this product when it comes to the potential for awe-inspiring impact.


Our optically clear window film is so sheer, the illusions and impressions it can create are limitless. Electrifying photography. Eye-popping graphics. All will add depth and brilliance to your canvas of glass.

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Every visual on your glass surface has the power to speak to you. To inspire. To inform. To identify. And to screen. This deeply frosted option provides decorative privacy while allowing the personality of your space to shine through.

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Two views of Eclipse perforated window film. On the left graphics as viewed from the outside and on the right, a view of the landscape as seen through the perforations.


Dramatic graphics on one side, see-through visibility from the other. With Eclipse, its 60/40 micro perforation offers a perfect balance precision imaging on it's white surface and visibility through the black reverse side. Plus, Eclipse can impact energy efficiency by reducing solar heat gain and related air conditioning load.

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