Manage the mess.

Nest eliminates the scattered piles of reading materials
that seem to be a part of every lounge and waiting room.
It's also an attractive way to store and distribute pamphlets or brochures.


Flexible uses.

Nest can be used lots of ways, in lots of places. Use outside an office or classroom as a drop-off for mail or files. Or to organize magazine or pamphlets in your lounge or waiting areas. You can even use Nest for charts outside patient rooms. When used this way, an oversized face protects patient confidentiality. You may also integrate ADA compliant signage with raised text, Braille and printed insert.

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Creative choices.

Magazine and pamphlet holders are available in multiple configurations both horizontal and vertical to balance the volume of material to be organized with the wall space available. All Nest products are available with open ends or with decorative end stops.

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